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Eva Acton Stokes is an internationally acclaimed Baroque Progressive Pop artist whose classical training, 70’s dance music and English Prog rock influences are clearly heard in her compositions. She is also a poet, photographer, occasional painter, and author of a hilarious satirical memoir, “Hollywood Bimbo” (available at Her latest album, Baroque Pop masterpiece “SYZYGY” has been in the top 10 on the
International Independent Music Charts since its July 2021 release. With influences ranging from Kate Bush to ABBA, Zappa and Gentle Giant, the album showcases her distinct vocal harmonies, blended with epic, theatrical melodies underneath storyteller lyrics that paint a moody landscape shining with hope, wisdom and vibrance on a distant horizon.

Eva began her recording career at age 14 in her birthplace, Denver Colorado, after meeting Gil “El Mago” Margeaux Morales in a musical instrument shop. She was too young to perform in clubs, so their band made music videos and appeared on local TV instead.


Six days after her eighteenth birthday, Eva moved to Europe and began a summer-long solo tour, winding up in England where she became part of a community of young artists who would all become successful. EAS turned down two major label offers to sign with Peter Brown’s (CREAM) independent record company. The EP produced by Brown with drummer/producer Robert Bond eventually led to Eva being invited by her old bandmate Morales to Los Angeles, California, where he was now producer/engineer at a major Hollywood studio. Eva relocated to L.A. and was soon headlining at all the major clubs with her band, “Kali Yuga.”


While recording with various producers, notably Tori Amos’ master keyboardist/arranger John Philip Shenale, Terry Wollman, and multiple Grammy winner Mick Guzauski, EAS opened shows for super-group World Classic Rockers and Men At Work frontman and Ringo Starr collaborator Colin Hay. Though retired, legendary music executive Arthur Mogull tried to get her a record deal, comparing her with other stars whose careers he had guided, Bob Dylan, Laura Nyro and Olivia Newton John. But his efforts proved fruitless since popular music was moving into new territory. Eva decided to learn to record herself and left Hollywood for the vast spaces and seclusion of the Mojave desert, where she wrote and recorded the songs that would appear on her first completely solo album, “The Outer Limits,” later re-mixed and re-released as “EVVA” with producer David Scheffler. While in the desert Eva
fell in love with “Pizza Guy” Craig Austin, owner of Pie for the People NW. She and her son decided to move with Austin and his daughter to Washington State in 2015.


After a serious leg injury immobilized her for some time, EAS continued to audition musicians for a new band while writing and recording in her home studio. These songs became “SYZYGY.” A search for a mixing/mastering genius led to Seattle’s legendary Jack Endino. The album continued to grow with the contributions of Seattle’s “Long Live Rock” members Rick Jones on bass and Jeff Lockhart on drums. Additional guitars were played by Jack Endino and Eva’s lifelong friend Malcolm Bruce, who sent his performance from the UK. The album was recorded during the pandemic lockdowns of 2020-2021.


The “SYZYGY” players are: Eva Acton Stokes – Vocals, Keyboards; Rick Jones – Bass; Jeff Lockhart – Drums; Jack Endino – Guitars on ‘Pay It No Mind’ and ‘Einstein’; Malcolm Bruce – Guitar on ‘Pray For Flame.’

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